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Age-Defying Facial Mask


Good for all skin types, especially mature & aging, or skin that is prone to dryness. 


This gentle mask holds all the benefits you're looking for in your quest for youthful skin. Several hydrating ingredients are included to offer all the benefits of a powerful mask while not over-drying the skin. The inclusion of honey, oats, flowers and coconut milk offer brightening, tightening and anti-aging properties. Made with only dry ingredients, you can customize this mask to fit your individual needs.


Key Ingredients:

Kaolin, Rose Kaolin & Rhassoul Clay: These are the gentlest clays on the market, and are great for dry and sensitive skin types. They cleanse, balance and tone the skin while promoting cell regeneration.


MSM: Known as the beauty mineral, MSM offers amazing age-defying benefits. Not only does it help prevent collagen breakdown, it also improves cell permeability allowing your skin to release impurities and absorb nutrients better.


Coconut Milk: This ingredient is very moisturizing and calming to the skin, and improves elasticity.


Hibiscus: Contains AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which exfoliate and brighten while providing smoother looking skin.


Rosehips: High in Vitamin C, rosehips combat UV damage and dark spots while stimulating collagen production.


While all of our masks are formulated to be gentle on the skin, clay can be drying to some. Always spot test before use.


Learn more about masks & mixing ideas here!

Age-Defying Facial Mask

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Age Defying Mask
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  • Mix 1-2 tsp dry clay with enough water to create a paste.  Apply with brush or finger tips to dry, clean face, avoiding eye area.  Leave on for 5-15 minutes then rinse face clean.  Follow with toners, serums, oils or moisturizers. 

    DO NOT use metal spoon or bowl for mixing your clay mask as this will reduce the product's effectiveness.

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