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Balm of Gilead (Cottonwood) Healing Salve


Since ancient times Balm of Gilead has been praised for its many amazing medicinal properties. With different species located around the globe, you can find testimonies of this herb in all parts of the world. The origin of it's name, however, is from Gilead in Palestine. Gilead itself had become known for its balm, which was sought after by those who traveled through. Our Balm of Gilead is collected from the Balsam Poplar tree, which is native to a small section of the Pacific Northwest, as well as our humble home of rural northern Wisconsin. The buds are infused into a Sweet Almond Oil right here on site for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure quality.

Balm of Gilead has been said to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial. Used in an easy to apply salve, it can be applied for skin irritation, sunburn, and pain relief. It has historically been used to improve wound healing, and ease discomfort from muscle pain and arthritis, as well as conditions such as eczema and athlete's foot. With the addition of Tamanu oil and Chamomile essential oil, this is truly an all-around salve that is great for your natural first aid kit.

The tamanu oil, Roman chammomile essential oil and infusion of cottonwood buds gives our salve a rich herbal scent.


Learn more about Balm of Gilead here.


*Gluten Free

Balm of Gilead Salve | Healing Salve

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  • Gently rub salve in a circular motion to warm and transfer to fingertips.  Rub into affected areas as needed.  

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