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This nail fungus oil is specially formulated to pack a powerful punch against the unsightly beast that is nail fungus.  Each ingredient contains powerful anti-fungal properties designed to restore the beautiful appearance to your nails.  


Key Ingredients:

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides: CCT contains some anti-fungal properties, but it's main purpose in this product is as a dispersing ingredient.  It has been known to enhance the absorption and delivery of other ingredients where they need to go to do their work.
  • Tamanu Oil & Neem:  Tamanu and Neem oils have a number of wonderful properties!  In this product they are used for their anti-fungal properties, where they work in conjunction with the amazing essential oil blend to really fight the nail fungus.
  • Essential Oil Blend:  With a blend of thyme, cinnamon bark, clove, and oregano, Nail Rescue contains some of the best fungus fighting essential oils available.  This synergistic blend works very well together, and have been said to penetrate the nail to reach the root of the problem.


Learn more about Nail Rescue here!


*Contains Organic Ingredients     *Eco-friendly Packaging     *Vegan      *Gluten Free 

Nail Rescue | Nail Fungus Treatment Oil

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Nail Rescue
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  • Use on clean feet or hands.  For best results, oil should be applied to the infected nails 2-3 times daily.  To prevent the spread of fungus, it can be applied to adjacent nail as well.  Should be continued approximately one month past the time healthy nail has grown out.

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