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Nerve pain can range from mildly annoying to debilitating and can come and go unexpectedly or be a constant problem. Nerve Ease was thoughtfully crafted to address any type of nerve pain you might be experiencing. With ingredients that ease muscle and nerve pain as well as nourish and regenerate, it can be used to help with a sudden flair up or long term to ease constant pain. The topical application delivers the potent ingredients quickly to the targeted area for fast results. With regular use our cream is designed to provide lasting benefits.


Learn more about the Birch Sister's NERVE-EASE here.


Key Ingredients:

Helichrysum Essential Oil- A truly unique essential oil, its properties include anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calming, antispasmodic, neuro-protective and regenerative. It penetrates deeply into the tissues and circulatory system to be delivered throughout the affected area. It is said to regenerate cells in the body and actually restore damaged nerves. Helichrysum also stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away debris in the body.


Castor Oil- This oil has been used throughout history for pain relief. It is rich is Ricinoleic acid, which is proven to be an effective pain reliever. The essential fatty acid content is said to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. The oil can also be effective in alleviating numbness and tingling often associated with nerve disorders and restore nerve tissue.


Arnica- This herb is anti-inflammatory and analgesic in nature. It is commonly used to reduce swelling and stimulate circulation, both of which can be very beneficial when trying to heal nerve problems. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of arnica is its ability to stimulate white blood cell activity necessary for healing in the body.


Magnesium- Topical magnesium has many amazing benefits. When it comes to the nerves, this mineral is essential for the health of the myelin sheath (the insulating lining of the nerves), nerve conduction and muscle relaxation.




*Eco-friendly Packaging *Vegan *Gluten Free


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  • Massage cream into the affected area twice daily for optimal results. For sudden flair ups, apply as needed.

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