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Meet the Owners

Born among the sleepy forests of northern Wisconsin, Patience and Jacqueline developed their love for nature when they were no taller than a pine sapling. Times were simpler then, and fun was cheap, whether it involved exploring the far corners of their family farm or riding their bikes along tree-lined backroads.

As they grew, so did their interest in all things natural. This was kindled in part by their mother Jean, who owned and operated a popular spice and herb store during their childhoods. Little by little, their minds steeped in the knowledge and appreciation of herbs, plants and the healing powers they possess. Patience and Jacqueline both carried this insight into their adult years.

Patience long believed in the importance of balancing one’s body through a combination of lifestyle and supplements, embracing a natural approach to not only heal oneself from the inside out, but also to maintain that health. True to these beliefs, Patience graduated from the Trinity School of Natural Health in 2013 as a Doctor of Naturopathy.

According to Patience, “When I started my journey into natural healing, I was mainly focused on working on the internal, which is so important. Through my education my eyes were opened to how beneficial those same herbs and nutrients that we use internally can be in balancing and healing on the outside as well. It’s in working on the whole person, inside and out, that brings true healing.”

As for Jacqueline, before settling in the South she spent over a decade working for a Wisconsin-based bath and body company which commanded a robust local and national clientele. She literally did it all, from store management – both brick-and-mortar and online – to shipping, product photography, website design and product development.

According to Jacqueline, “This whole idea started with us wanting to make quality skin care products for ourselves. We wanted natural stuff we could feel good about putting on our own skin, so our products aren’t going have a bunch of filler or cheap ingredients just for the sake of saving a few pennies.”

As serendipity would have it, Patience and Jacqueline ended up settling within a few miles of one another in northern Alabama. As working women do, they labored to pay their bills, but together longed for a way to employ their knowledge. And as each sought out natural alternatives for their own health, the question became, why not just do it ourselves?

So they did. They refreshed and expanded their knowledge, diving back into their volumes of books on essential oils, herbs and aromatherapy. They earned a degree from the School of Natural Skincare – an award-winning, accredited program specializing in skincare product formulation. All they needed was a name.

As it turns out, that name was borne of destiny. Patience and Jacqueline had long dreamed of forming their own family business, much like their mom did all those years ago. And if it came to pass, their dear, late grandfather Dean always insisted that “sisters” be a part of their name. So, Patience and Jacqueline evoked their family name, Birchmeier, as a thanks to Gramps for his inspiration, and an homage to the beautiful, abundant trees in their memories.

This is Birch Sisters. Our mission: through experience and research, to create and supply the most effective, carefully formulated skincare and wellness products with a focus on quality, natural ingredients and the strength and maintenance of the holistic health of our customers.

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